Natur schützen. Leben erhalten.

A global team of students in Palatinate forests to learn about German forestry

by Aditya Acharya (student of the “Master of European Forestry”-Program)

A team of eighteen international students who are studying Masters of Science in European Forestry visited the Palatine forest and the forest enterprise Sattelmühle, as a part of their European Forestry Field Course in Germany. The students come from ten different countries around the world.

The team was led by Professor Dr. Heinrich Spiecker, Chair of Forest Growth and Dendroecology of the University of Freiburg. Burkhard Steckel, head of the Forestry Office Johanniskreuz assisted the team throughout the course.

Students got hands-on experience about the German forestry and management practices that are world renowned. “We have a lot of theoretical knowledge, and today, we got a chance to learn how to apply the knowledge practically in the field. Standing inside the forest area, looking at the trees, we proposed long term management plans ourselves. We developed our skills on how to think in a sustainable way and plan accordingly”, students responded.

Photo: Pemelyn Santos